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CONTERRA | Adjusta-Pro Radio Chest Harness
599 kr
Originally designed for ski patrol and mountain rescue use, this “one size fits all” radio harness will in...
CONTERRA | ALS Extreme Pack | Svart
6675 kr
Sjukvårdare som arbetar i besvärliga omgivningar behöver något som kan tillgodose deras speciella ...
275 kr
The B.V.M. Bag protects your bag valve mask, while giving it high visibility and easy access.

The bag fits most BVM...
CONTERRA | DEEKS Advanced Airway Medical Pack
4675 kr
This specialized pack was designed on the basic USAR platform for use by the U.S. Special Forces.

It is built entir...
CONTERRA | Deluxe Organizer Pocket
675 kr
This little kit can be configured to do a multitude of jobs.

It works beautifully as a first aid kit for climbing ...
CONTERRA | Double adjusta-Pro Radio Chest
823 kr
Similar design to the Adjusta-Pro but just with two pockets. Both radio pockets are the same size as the radio pocket ...
CONTERRA | First Aid "At a Glance" Flowchart
230 kr
If you have a first aid kit, then you’re going to want one of these inside.

Written by Rick Lipke, this litt...
Conterra | Flightline Aero Medical Pack | OD
2795 kr
Kompakt sjukvårdsväska ursprungligen framtagen för ambulanshelikopter verksamhet. I hopfällt l...
Conterra | Flightline Aero Medical Pack | Svart
3469 kr
Kompakt sjukvårdsväska ursprungligen framtagen för ambulanshelikopter verksamhet. I hopfällt l...
CONTERRA | Flightline Ultra Aero-Medical Pack
4195 kr
Big Brother to the Flightline pack.

The Ultra has extra carrying capability with a slim profile. It is long enough ...
400 kr
IDM Pockets are a great addition to the Patrol XF, Crossbow II, Super Organizer, Longbow and Longbow Ranger.

CONTERRA | Infinity Pro Modular Medical Organizer
2999 kr
The Infinity series Pro is designed to meet the needs of care givers that must work in difficult conditions. The Pro f...
CONTERRA | Large Organizer Pocket | Blue
330 kr
Conterras Large Organizer pockets are big enough to fit bulky items like trauma dressings, but many responders use the...
CONTERRA | Longbow Emergency Operations Pack
4675 kr
The Longbow is ergonomically designed with a vacuformed Kydex frame to ride like it’s part of you, whether you a...
CONTERRA | Longbow Ranger Mountain Rescue Pack
5495 kr
The Longbow Ranger is the big brother of the very popular Longbow pack. It is built from the ground up as a wilderness...
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