OscarDelta | GO-TUBE IWB STRAP 2.0 i gruppen SERE  hos Equipt AB (GTIS2.0)

OscarDelta | GO-TUBE IWB STRAP 2.0

This is one of a few carry and concealment systems for escape tools developed by 4TAC5.COM that does not dictate what you wear and when you carry.

The shock-cord waist strap is worn around the waist to allow for easy access to Go-Tube and contents when restrained to the front or rear.

To install simply place the shock cord around your waist and adjust the position of the knot for a custom fit.


155 kr
OscarDelta | GO-TUBE IWB STRAP 2.0
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We recommend wearing the Go-Tube inside your underwear so it's positioned at the front with the shock cord tucked away.
This is a tried and tested method of carry that conceals the items until they are required.
To access the Go-Tube simply reach into your waistband, grab the shock cord and pull to extract the Go-Tube.
The Go-Tube hanger cap is sealed with heat-shrink to prevent it from coming off as you pull on the shock cord to access the Go-Tube contents.
Note: there is an acrylic mirror disc installed inside the round end cap to prevent the SAD-Tool from penetrating the end cap.

For covert carry and concealment of the SAD-Tool 3.0 and other FT-CCK4.0 components we recommend loading the items into the Go-Tube IWB Strap.
It can also be used for carrying and protecting other items such as micro SD cards, SIM cards, SERE Kit etc.
To access the contents, remove the round end cap by prising it off with your finger nails - remove item required - replace end cap and tuck away!

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